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SunnySpritz Serenity Fountain

SunnySpritz Serenity Fountain

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" Absolutely love this fountain! Setup was super easy - no tools needed. The sound of flowing water is so meditative; I find myself spending more time just sitting outside and unwinding. It's like an instant relaxation boost for my garden. "
Nancy X.
Elevate your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis for relaxation and admiration.
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🚚 Key Features


Eco Friendly: An extremely competent solar panel does not need a battery or electricity. It`s a good way to save money.

Sprayer for Different Water Style: There are four different nozzles that change the height of water in different water patterns. The water can rise up to 11.8 – 19.6 in / 30-50 cm.

Multiple Applications: Use it wherever there is water.

Floating Fountain Pump: Just make the pump float on the water. Once the solar panel gains sunlight, it will run automatically within a couple of seconds. The brighter the sunlight, the better it works.


How does the solar powered fountain work?


the fountain operates, using solar energy, collected by the solar panel when exposed to sunlight, the panel powers, the pump, which circulates water through the fountain, creating a beautiful and serene water feature without the need for electricity or batteries.

What is the installation process like?


installation is simple and hasslefree. Just placed the solar panel in a sunny spot, submerge the fountain pump in your birdbath or other water container, and watch as it starts working automatically. No complicated wiring or setup required!

Is the fountain suitable for all birdbaths?


Yes, our fountain pump is designed to be versatile and compatible with most bird baths, pond, pools, and other outdoor water features. It’s freestanding and easy to adjust, making it suitable for various water deaths and shapes.

How long does the fountain run on full charge?


The fountains runtime depends on factors such as sunlight exposure, and solar panels, efficiency. On a sunny day, the fountains can operate continuously, providing hours of enjoyment. However, it may slow down or stop during cloudy or overcast conditions.

Is the fountain durable and weather resistant?


Yes, our fountain pump is crafted from high quality material to withstand outdoor conditions. It’s weather resistant and durable, ensuring long lasting performance in your garden, regardless of rain, wind or other elements.Enter

Can the fountain pump be used in the winter months?


While the fountain pump is designed for outdoor use, it’s best to store it indoors during freezing temperatures to prevent damage. However, you can still enjoy the fountain during warmer winter days by simply bringing it back outside and letting it soak up the sunlight.

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Is your garden feeling a bit lifeless lately? 🌵

Many homeowners struggle with bland backyards that lack a touch of nature's melody. You may find yourself looking at your garden space and wishing it felt more alive, more soothing, or simply more engaging. It's a common dilemma, but the muted greens and stillness can all change with one simple addition.

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Discover the tranquility of a water feature. 💦

The SunnySpritz Serenity Fountain is your ticket to revamping your outdoor space. Installation is a breeze – no need for professionals. In mere minutes, you can have a continuous flow of melodious water sounds that not only soothe your mind but also charm every guest who steps into your green sanctuary.

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Need a touch of elegance in your garden? 🌹

Apart from the calming auditory escape, adding a fountain instantly elevates your garden's look. Our fountain has been exquisitely designed to complement any landscaping theme, acting as a stunning centerpiece that seamlessly blends into your personal nature retreat. Moreover, it serves as an inviting spot for birds and wildlife, transforming your garden into a lively hub of nature.

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  • Sarah Z.

    "Was a bit skeptical at first, but wow, this fountain does wonders for my backyard! It's not just a water feature; it's a conversation starter. My friends all ask where I got it! Plus, it's durable – been through 3 seasons, still as good as new. 😍"

  • Linda D.

    "I never write reviews, but this fountain deserves one. It changed my boring backyard completely! Now, every morning I look forward to seeing birds splashing around, and my plants are thriving too, wouldn't go back to a fountain-less garden."

  • Jessica A.

    "Best garden upgrade! It looks so elegant, and the sound is perfect - not too loud, just serene. Thumbs up for the simplicity of it all."

  • Karen Y.

    "Surprised at how much joy this lil' fountain brought to my garden. Easy to move, and it fits perfectly in different spots. I love it!"