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ShadowGuard Case For iPhone

ShadowGuard Case For iPhone

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The case has a built in privacy screen making it only visible to you. while completely invisible (black) to others. Makes yours phone visible to you and your eyes only.

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Unparalleled Protection and Unmatched Quality

🔒 Crafted from premium-grade steel and fortified with 9H tempered glass, our cases offer unrivaled protection for your iPhone. Say goodbye to worries about damage!

An Unparalleled Gentle Touch Experience

Our cover provides a touch experience that's identical to the original machine, preserving the same delicate feel you enjoy without it.

Drop with Confidence: Our Safety Lock Keeps Your iPhone Secure

🧲 The frame of our case boasts 16 powerful magnets, ensuring an instant and secure lock for your device. Even if you accidentally drop it, our safety lock feature prevents your iPhone from taking a tumble.

 The #1 Privacy Case Brand On The Market!

🦾 High Quality Steel & Tempered Glass

📲 Privacy Screen Keeps Prying Eyes Away
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