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Splash-Proof Pet Water Dispenser

Splash-Proof Pet Water Dispenser

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Splash-Proof Pet Bowl Hydrate Your Pet Hassle-Free With Our Innovative Water Dispenser!

Promotes Slow Drinking

Experience Safe and Dry Hydration: Our innovative design features a floating disk, ensuring controlled water discharge to prevent choking and safeguard your pet's well-being. Say goodbye to wet pet hair and the risk of chin inflammation, keeping them dry and comfortable.

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Anti-Spill & Anti-Slip

 Widened bowl mouth, floating disk, and silicone plugs combine to effectively prevent water from spilling out and keep the floor clean. The anti-slip bowl bottom helps prevent the floor from scratching.

 Extreme Large Capacity 

Keep your pets hydrated with our 2L/70 oz Large Capacity Dog Water Bowl. No more frequent refills - perfect for small-medium to large dogs and multi-pet households, ensuring clean water anytime, anywhere!


Easy To Clean

 The floating disk and the silicone plug are removable for cleaning. We recommend cleaning the floating disk at least once a week. It can be hand washed or machine washed. The floating disk can be disassembled along the gap or with the help of tools.


 Experience the Splash-Proof™ Pet Bowl, A Game-Changer for Your Furry Friend's Hydration. Join the 96% of Delighted Customers Seeing Improved Drinking Habits and Enjoy 100% Spill-Free Bliss! 


no spill water bowl for dogs

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