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PupDry | Snuggly Doggy Drying Cape

PupDry | Snuggly Doggy Drying Cape

Transform bath times with a wrap that dries your furry friend in a flash! No more shivers or dripping floors.
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  • 🐾 Quick Wrap-and-Dry Design
  • 🚿 Super Absorbent Material
  • 🤗 Cozy, Comfortable Fit
  • 🏠 Drip-Free Home Solutions
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" Love, love love this towel cape! My retriever hates being toweled off but with PupDry, he just shakes off and chills. It's like a comforting blanket for him. Super absorbent too, makes our lives easier. "
Jessica A.

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Stressful Wet Pup Moments Post-Bath? 🛁

Bath times can quickly turn your home into a splash zone, leaving floors wet and pups shivering. The traditional drying methods are not only time-consuming for you but can be an uncomfortable experience for your four-legged pal.

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The Snuggle Solution: PupDry! 🐕‍🦺

Enter the PupDry Snuggly Doggy Drying Cape—engineered to wrap your dog in a cozy embrace post-bath. It's designed to be hassle-free, quick to put on, and starts working immediately, turning a wet pup into a dry, happy companion in less time.

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Sick of the Towel Tug-of-War? 🏃‍♂️

Chasing your pooch around with a towel? Regular towels don't stay on and barely dry. PupDry offers a functional and fun solution. Its wearable design means no more tugging or wrestling; simply wrap it around your dog and it stays put!

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  • Mary F.

    "Seriously a game-changer for our poodle mix! The PupDry cape cuts drying time in half & keeps her warm. She's actually calm during dry-off now 😊 Fantastic product!"

  • Mary F.

    "After trying tons of dog towels, PupDry wins! It's the only one that doesn't end up in a soggy mess on the floor. My fur baby stays put, getting cozy while it dries. Highly recommend for any dog owner!"

  • Sarah Z.

    "Got a large PupDry for my shepherd, and wow! No more wet dog running through the house, and it washes up like new. It's sturdy yet so soft!"

  • Sarah Z.

    "This PupDry cape is a lifesaver. Not only does it dry my spaniel quickly, but it also keeps my sofa dry from his usual wet cuddles post-bath."


Ready for hassle-free doggy bath times? Try PupDry now and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee if your pup isn't 100% satisfied!

Not sure if PupDry is right for your dog? Give it a try risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee! We're confident you and your pup will love the convenience and comfort.

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