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CozyNook Bed™ Plush Pet Haven

CozyNook Bed™ Plush Pet Haven

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Proven To Ease Dog's Anxiety

The innovative design features a deep and cozy donut shape that mimics a comforting embrace, providing instant security and relaxation for your dog, helping with anxiety.

Secure Comfort Anywhere

The bed has a non-slip Oxford base for stability, preventing unwanted movement. It stays in place on floors, couches, crates & cages.

It's super smooth & cozy!

CozyNook is the worlds pet cave bed. Designed to provide our pets the same level of safety & security we feel, wrapped up in our blankets at night.

Size Chart

  • S: Diameter 40cm (15.7in) is suitable for pets within 5kg (11lb)
  • M: Diameter 50cm (19.7in) is suitable for pets within 10kg (22lb)


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