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Bloody Footprints Rug

Bloody Footprints Rug

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Step into a Spine-Chilling Scene with Our Blood-Spattered Halloween Rug!

Unleash the unexpected allure of this eerie floor mat that's sure to leave you spellbound. A must-have addition to any space, from the heart of your home to the depths of your living room.

As soon as water touches it, it transforms into a chillingly realistic bloodstain, sending shivers down your spine. Remarkably quick drying leads it back to its original state, leaving no trace of the 'blood' once the bathroom rug is allowed to air dry. Watch as the eerie red stains mysteriously fade into oblivion.

Experience an astonishing color-changing effect resembling dripping blood with our revolutionary bathroom mat. Crafted from a slim, innovative plastic material, it relies solely on its inductive properties to transform wet surfaces into a vivid crimson hue.

Ultra-thin Disguise: Let your significant other be startled by lifelike bloodstains appearing after their shower. An ingenious prank that can be discreetly placed almost anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly: Upon contact with water, it shifts to a vibrant red, and as the water evaporates, it reverts to its natural state.


- Material: Ink+PVC
- Weight: 190g
- Size: About 17.7" x 27.6"
- Package includes: 1 x Bloody Bath Mat
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