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EzAir Tire Power™

EzAir Tire Power™

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Inflate Anytime, Anywhere! Never Worry About Air Pressure Again!

Unlock the power of enduring battery performance, effortlessly inflating up to five car tires on a single charge. With four versatile nozzles accommodating different needs and a dependable USB charging cable, this tool guarantees safety during cherished road journeys with your dear ones. A versatile solution for all your tire pressure needs.


                      ✅  Keep tire pressure accurate, ensure family safety
                      ✅ Automatic air pump, convenient and efficient
                      ✅ 150 PSI pressure, handy when you have a flat tire  
                      ✅Free Nozzle with 4 inflation modes
                      ✅Compact body, Small size (3.3in X 5.4in), Light weight easy to carry.
                      ✅ LCD digital display and LED lighting function

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How To Use

No longer will you have to rely on others to help you with tire maintenance or visit a garage or service center. The EzAir Tire Power™ gives you the independence to take care of your tire yourself  



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