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Silken Snooze Cooling Cover

Silken Snooze Cooling Cover

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" Seriously a game-changer for hot sleepers like me. I usually wake up several times all sweaty, but since I've got this blanket, I've been sleeping like a baby! It's so comforting some nights I don't even want to get up in the morning! "
Kimberly I.
Discover the bliss of uninterrupted sleep on balmy nights with our Silken Snooze Cooling Cover.
  • 🌬️ Instant cool touch
  • 🛌 Peaceful sleep aid
  • 💧 Moisture-wicking comfort
  • 🌿 Hypoallergenic luxury
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About this item

  • 1.Silken Snooze Cooling Cover: A thin summer blanket is lightweight and breathable, lowering skin temperature by 2 to 3°C in less than 5 seconds. A light summer blanket makes your summer cooler and more convenient.
  • 2. Material: This cooling blanket is made of 100% silk, bringing a refreshing feeling like never before while sleeping. Creates a light cooling sensation that allows heat to dissipate more effectively.
  • 3. Features: The low temperature breathable summer blanket is soft as silk and friendly to your skin. It allows air to pass through without any restrictions while creating a slight cooling sensation that helps dissipate body heat and keeps you comfortable all night long.
  • 4. Healthy sleep: A cool blanket will not only help you fall asleep faster, but it will also reduce your anxiety level. It will help you rest calmly and enjoy a perfect night's rest.
  • 5. Multifunctional: The cooling blanket serves as an air conditioning blanket, nap blanket, travel blanket, car blanket, sofa blanket, or any blanket you want to cozy up with to stay cool or warm. It also makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day. Perfect for teens, adults and seniors.
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Struggling with hot, sleepless nights? Transform your bed into an oasis. 😴

It's no secret how a hot and humid room can sabotage your sleep. Tossing and turning, flipping the pillow, or waking up drenched—all can be history. Enter Silken Snooze Cooling Cover: your nighttime hero that lies atop your bed, inviting you to embrace the night with a soothing, cooling caress.

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Embrace the chill of Silken Snooze for a serene slumber. ❄️

Designed with an innovative blend of cooling silk fibers, this blanket doesn't just promise a cool surface, it actively draws away your body heat. Coupled with moisture-wicking technology, it keeps both sweat and humidity at bay, ensuring that every night is cradled in cool, dry comfort. Experience sleep so serene, you'll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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Say goodbye to allergens with our cooling comfort. 🌼

The hypoallergenic nature of the Silken Snooze Cooling Cover means no more sneezing or itching. Crafted for sensitive skin, it repels common bedroom allergens, creating a barrier that ensures your slumber is as healthy as it is heavenly. Because a night of rest should never end in a fit of sniffles.

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  • Sarah Z.

    "Got this for my hubby who gets night sweats, and wow, no more damp sheets! He sleeps through the night and I’m not disturbed by him tossing around. Excellent purchase! 🌟"

  • Linda D.

    "I was skeptical about how much cooler this blanket could be. I'm a convert now! There's this instant feeling of coolness when you get under it, and it LASTS. It’s also pretty light and drapes nicely over the bed. No regrets, just peaceful sleep now."

  • Dorothy U.

    "My old cooling blanket was kind of crinkly and loud, but the Silken Snooze is whisper-quiet. I don't feel hot spots halfway through the night anymore."

  • Sandra G.

    "Love, love, love my new cooling blanket! It’s super soft and keeps the night heat away. Even my cat approves! 💤"