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Bluetooth Sleep Headband: Thin & Wireless

Bluetooth Sleep Headband: Thin & Wireless

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 Sound and Comfort Combined: Wireless Bliss for Sleep and Sports.

Experience music wirelessly and hassle-free with our innovative sleep earbuds. Enjoy uninterrupted calls, shield against messy hair and sweat, and seamlessly transition from workouts to relaxation with these versatile Bluetooth headphones, perfect for various activities both indoors and outdoors.

Comfortable, Breathable and Washable Headband

Prior to washing, ensure to remove the headphones from the pouch. For sports enthusiasts, regular cleaning and reuse is possible. This sleep headband is ideal for running, yoga, and napping. To dry, either air dry or use a dryer. For the fastest shape recovery and optimal results, avoid folding or twisting during the drying process.




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