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🐶 Pooping Dog Butt Toothpaste Topper | Funny Gift

🐶 Pooping Dog Butt Toothpaste Topper | Funny Gift

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Unleash Laughter with our Pooping Dog Butt Toothpaste Topper! 🐶💩 Get ready for a rollicking good time as you add a dose of humor to your daily routine. Grab this playful gem now! 😂🦷👍

The adorable little dog's butt with a toothpaste dispenser is absolutely the cutest thing you'll ever see! It's not just a gag gift for dog lovers; it's also the perfect way to add some extra fun to kids' toothbrushing time!


  • 🐶 If you're dealing with a child or friend who needs a little extra motivation to brush their teeth, this wonderfully imaginative and hilariously cheeky dog butt toothpaste topper could be the perfect solution. It's both gross and funny, making toothbrushing a more enjoyable experience.

  • This adorable puppy butt promises endless amusement and is an ideal choice for a hilarious Christmas gag gift!

  • 【Top Quality】The toothpaste cap is made of high quality material, odorless, flexible, not easy to deform, and durable,this design is a simple screw on with threads should work on pretty much any common tube of toothpaste, including travel size tubes!


Material: synthetic resin

Color: Brown, Black, Gray
Package: 1 * Dog Butt Shape Toothpaste Lid 
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